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Ultra Responsive

In 24 hours your website becomes fully responsive and perfectly fits on any device.

No Skills Required

No skills, no knowledge required, we do all the hard work for you.

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We will move 100% of your texts, photos, videos, etc. in smooth stylish reliable fashion

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Your website needs hosting. We provide your website with reliable, safe and secure home.

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We speak your language. We make things happen fast, easy, no hassle. We help you grow your business. 


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Reach customers on all devices!

Your customers are different people. Some of them prefer iPhones, some love android based phones. Some use desktop computers, while others prefer laptops, tablets or iPads.

What is really important for you is that all of them can see your website in the best way. So, they don't miss how wonderful your services and products are.

This way they can reach you fast and you will get more business and money.

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Of our customers increase sales within 2 first months

Of our customers get new sales within 2 first days after redesign

Of our happy customers return for more services within first 6 months


From now on, your customers can reach you on any device!

Mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers - all will show your website at the best shape!
Your website will look great on any device.

iPhones – all types
Android phones – all types
iPads – all types
Android tablets – all types
Laptops – both Windows and iOS
Desktop computers – Windows, iOS, all types of browsers

How it works!

We know you are very busy so we will read your mind to surprise you with the best website for your business!


Choose one of the 3 plans to better fit your business success

Pay for website

Website transfer

We move your text, photos, videos and all the info into new shiny neighborhood – home of your new website 


You review ready website, ask for changes if you want to and start new life with transformed amazing website


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Save $2700 one time and $3453 per FIRST YEAR!

Type of service Cost when purchased separately Your cost when you get the whole package Your savings
New Design value $600 one time your price – $0 save $600 one time
Hosting value $49 per month your price – $49 per month save $0 per month
Keeping Your Old Site in Archive for Lifetime value $20 per month your price – $0 save $240 per year
Domain Renewal value $15 per year your price – $0 save $15 per year
Website Transformation value $400 one time your price – $0 save $400 one time
Lifetime Upgrades value $150 per year your price – $0 save $150 per year
Content Transfer value $300 one time your price – $0 save $300 one time
25 Monthly Changes value $29 per month your price – $0 save $29 per month
Upgrading the System to Match Mobile Devices value $500 one time your price – $0 save $500 one time
Upgrading the System to Allow Multiple Languages value $900 one time your price – $0 save $900 one time
Your Cost Per Month - $49 only -

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